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Premiered Oct 7, 2022: A Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions platform, EquipWare™ is designed around the workflow and processes for planning Medical Equipment, Furniture and Artwork, including procurement and construction administration activities. Created to improve the experience for equipment planners, healthcare design professionals and construction teams, the user interface is focused on the data required to create clear, easy to interpret reports and information, that supports decision making and facility capital planning.

Premiered Sep 27, 2022: If you're in San Antonio for the HCD Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, make sure you stop by and visit the EquipWare, LLC booth.

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Premiered Sep 15, 2022 Introducing CatalogIT™: EquipWare™'s companion inventory app available on Google Play and App Store. Subscription is required. Ability to perform asset inventories with ease. Select any project, department, and room to catalog every item.

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Premiered Aug 16, 2022 Introducing EquipWare: The Next Generation Cloud-Based Equipment Planning Software Solution. Learn how EquipWare can make a significant difference in your planning abilities.

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Premiered Aug 15, 2022 Launching today: EquipWare is a next generation cloud-based medical equipment planning software system that offers subscribers the customization, intuitive user interface, and features that enhance planning efforts for healthcare projects.

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